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At Penny Lane we understand that whether your item of jewellery is purely for aesthetics or a family heirloom with deep sentimental value – it’s never an easy option to part with it. 

Lending against your jewellery or prestige watch is a brilliant alternative. You can release the value of your item without having to bid farewell forever.


Key Advantages of a Pawnbroking Loan

There are several reasons why you might decide to opt for a pawnbroking loan rather than an unsecured personal loan including:

  • Lower Interest Rates: Because secured loans give lenders an extra level of protection the interest rates tend to be significantly lower than you'll find with unsecured loans.

  • No Credit Check: Because your collateral gives lenders some extra protection, they'll often be willing to lend to you, even if your credit score isn't the strongest. If this has been a hindrance to you in the past, a pawnbroking loan could make the perfect solution.

  • More Flexible Lending: Thanks to the extra layer of protection, lenders will also typically allow you to borrow more than with an unsecured loan. Early repayments and payment breaks are also much easier to negotiate when lending against the value of your jewellery.

Representative Example

Representative Example: Total amount of credit: £200 for 6 months. Total amount payable in one instalment: £308.00

Total charge for credit: £108.00 (Interest Only). Interest rate 108.00% pa(fixed).

Maximum APR 137.2 %APR. Maximum payment term up to 6 months.

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